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Foxy Dancer Accomodation

When you come to pole dance in Guam you need a comfy & decent place to stay. At Foxy we offer pretty good housing to the dancers. Currently we offer the apartment in the photos on the left.

A taxi costs about $6 each way or you can walk to work... its that close.

The dancer apartment cost is $15usd per day for the ladies dancing at Foxy, this covers all utilites.

Bring some comforts from home that will make you feel at home during your stay, but most everything you need is in the apartments. There are many shops & malls here, just like anywhere else in America. Guam is a territory of America, so don't worry that you won't be able to shop or find what you need. It's all here.

VERY IMPORTANT: Never bring male customers or boyfriends to the apartment or housing; never do drugs or bring drugs of any kind into the housing. Wire your money home. Don't keep valuables in the apartments. No pets. Sorry!! We love pets, just they aren't allowed nor should they sit here all night (alone) while you work. It is for the safety of all occupants that you abide by these few simple rules. Thank you.