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Payment System
Foxy dancers are paid shift pay for their striptease, pole dance shows - $450usd per week per dancer.

Each stage show is about 4 songs - strip to topless & bare bottom. (It's ok to wear fish nets & topless bustiers & that sort of thing.)

An out-going fun sort of personality goes a long way. Sometimes the dancer on stage will bring a customer onto the stage & dance around & laugh & perform a mini stag type show. It's totally up to the dancer if she wants to do this; it can be fun, entertaining for the customers & some girls make more money this way.

Dancers at Foxy also get tipped from customers- if you are accustom to being tipped while on stage then you'll do well here.

Each private dance the dancer sells she gets $25 USD & up ; each drink the dancer sells she gets $10 USD & up.

Note: Customer pays $50usd per private dance & $20usd per drink - money is split 50/50 between club & dancer. No other club or house fees are required or expected from the dancers. Its up to you if you want tip staff for helping you- just its nice if you do.