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Guam is a small island in the South Pacific; located near Hawaii & Australia (sandwiched in there.)

Ever since JAL stopped flying to Hawaii Guam has been bustling with Japanese tourists. There are so many Japanese tourists in Guam ...that menus at restaurants, hand-out flyers, & all types of tours are written up in Japanese. Foxy club owner (Mama Je) is Korean & knows how to work well with Japanese; she has many guests & friends who are Asian & Japanese- they come to the club to buy private dances & watch pole dance shows.

If you're the type of dancer who gets on well with Japanese (and American military) then Foxy club will be very well suited for you. Blonde exotic dancers obviously work well here as Japanese love blondes! As well, they also prefer petite stylish fair skinned exotic beauties (with dark or red hair); doesn't matter, so long as you're genki, fun & spry.

Some of Foxy's dancers have been working here for 6 months - up to a year. Our current group works well as a team. Please have a look at the photos & decide if you think Foxy would be a good fit for you -- if so then apply to join our team.

Criteria to work here is you must be 21 yrs to 30 yrs tops! Drinking age is 21 in Guam now.

Please Note: If you are taking any sort of medications for depression such as anti-depressants you must tell us when you apply. Drinking alcohol & taking anti-depressants is a bad mix & can seriously harm your health.