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Little More About Guam...

The first European colony was established in Guam by the Spanish in 1668; it is a tiny tropical 549 sq mile island located in the South Pacific - near Australia, Japan & Hawaii. Today it's ethnicity is comprised mainly of Chamorro (Guamanian), Filipino, American & Asian residents; over 1 million tourists visit Guam each year ...90% come from Japan. 

Guam is a United States territory, home to one of America's largest military bases in the South Pacific; "over the next six years, nearly 25,000 US Marines, soldiers, family members, and civilian Defense Department employees are to descend on the tiny Pacific island of Guam, transforming the sleepy tropical outpost into a hub of America's military in the Pacific." 

Please note: Guam is a territory of America - Americans only need photo ID to travel here  (not necessary to bring a passport.)

People always ask "when is the best time of year to visit Guam???" I am told, "dry season is from January to June", anytime after it's considered rainy season, but rainy season certainly doesn't mean less tourists nor does it mean less chance of getting a tan. It's 80+ degrees YEAR ROUND in Guam & the hotels are always bustling with tourists, military men and women, business travellers, couples, and many Asian tourists from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China + the rest of Asia, plus Australia. All ARE WELCOME! 

Attn Dancers: When you come to Guam Mama Je (owner of Foxy) will pay your FULL FLIGHT for 3-month contract.  

If you prepay your own flight bring the receipt with you; when you complete the 3 month contract Mama will reimburse you. 

If you want to stay only 1 month Mama will refund $600usd. If  "2 months" Mama will pay the return flight portion home at the end of  2 month stay. 


Club Foxy Guam

beauty &

the beach