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Club Foxy Guam
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Pole Dancers Wanted ~ Club Foxy Guam USA


Exotic Dancers & entertainment are Club Foxy's specialty.  We have up to 20 exotic dancers staying & working here at Foxy; the dancers vary in ethnicity - we usually have quite a mix.  Age limit for dancers to WORK at Club Foxy is 18 years  - 30 years. (Drinking age in Guam is 21.) 

You're all superstars!

Foxy customers are men & women, & even couples. Being so close to Asia there are many Japanese, Korean and other Asian customers frequenting the club. If you're the type of dancer who gets on well with Asian customers (and American military) then Foxy club will be very well suited for you. (ALL are welcome!!)

Some of Foxy's dancers have been working here for 6- 12 months & even longer. Our current group works well as a team. Please have a look at the photos & decide if you think Foxy would be a good fit for you -- if so then apply to join our team. 

About Drugs & Alcohol

Please Note:


If you are taking any sort of medications for depression such as anti-depressants you must tell us when you apply. Drinking alcohol & taking anti-depressants is a bad mix & can seriously harm your health. 

Criteria to work here is 18 years for dancing; max age 30 years. Drinking age is 21 in Guam.

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