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Club Foxy Guam
beauty & the beach
free lodging & flight

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Club Foxy Dancer Income

Foxy dancers are paid shift pay for their striptease, pole dance shows - $500usd per week per dancer. 

Each stage show is 4 songs - strip to topless & bare bottom. (It's ok to wear fish nets & topless bustiers & that sort of thing.)


Dancers Earn: $25usd per private dance.


Dancer gets: $10 usd per dancer cocktail - keep all tips

Free Airfare Guam

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When you come to Guam Mama Je (owner of Foxy) will pay your full flight for 3-month contract.  

If you prepay your own flight bring the receipt with you; when you complete the 3 month contract Mama will reimburse you for one economy class ticket. 

If you want to stay only "2 months" Mama will pay your return flight portion home at the end of the 2 month stay. 

Please note: Guam is a territory of America - Americans only need ID to travel there (not necessary to bring a passport.)

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Dancer Earnings Guam 

Customer pays $50usd per private dance & $20usd per drink - money is split 50/50 between club & dancer. Dancer gets $25 per dance $10 per drink.


No other club fees are required or expected from the dancers. However- tipping staff who help you with drinks & customers, and even DJ who might help with tips or songs or lights etc- is always a pleasant way to keep the peace & pay it forward. 

(Apartment rent is FREE - utilities $15usd per day.) 

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