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Dancers contact Kiki on Whatsapp  +1-671-489-6325


Club Foxy caters to large groups & parties, & events year round. We are the best pole dance club to entertain American military when the ships come in; no one knows 'exactly' what day the ships arrive (top secret military info), but when they's one BIG, crazy, party at Club Foxy. 

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There is plenty to do & see in exciting Guam aside from tanning all day on the beach;  you will find excellent shopping, DFS, plus all the big names: Tiffany & Co, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Coach, & Juicy Couture, etc.


The Galleria & The Plaza near Club Foxy; Walk to shops, beaches & major hotels. There is also quite a mix of restaurants & cafes + delish beach shacks -BBQ burgers & shakes. 


Club Foxy Guam is female owned & operated by Mama Je, and Kiki. Norman James is also here to help. Contact anyone of them during reg Guam hours.

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& the beach

Party* Work * Vacay

Club Foxy is hiring attractive, talented, exotic dancers to work 2-3 months contracts. Club offers FREE Airfare + $500 weekly salary  + dance money & tips to qualified candidates. Excellent working vacation in tropical paradise, Guam.


Dancers must be over 18 years of age & under 30 years. Drinking age is 21 yrs. American passport, green card, citizenship, marriage, military or students of USA can apply.  

105 Gun Beach Rd, Tumon, Guam

Beauty & the Beach

Some of our Club Foxy dancers have been working here for 6 months, and others, for years.


Our current group works well as a team.


If you want to dance in Guam; have a look at the info & photos & decide if you think Club Foxy would be a good fit for you -- if so...apply to join our team. 

Dancers & Customers can contact us by email, Whatsapp, or the Tel Numbers Below.

Click the chat text box  to email us >>>>>> 

Club Foxy;  105 Gun Beach Rd, Tumon, 96913, Guam

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Norm +1-671-787-3077

Kiki  +1-671- 489-6325

Mama Je + 1-(671)-688-7434

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